Pilot Whale Watching in Mauritius

The last kind of whale that we can find often in Mauritius is the Pilot Whale.


Ocean dolphin specie, there is two kinds of pilot whales.

The long fin and the short fin, pretty hard to recognize at sea. We find them by groups mainly in deep sea like the sperm whales. We have only the short fin in Mauritius, the long fin prefer colder waters.

They are one of the bigger in the dolphin family. Pilot whales mostly eat squids, but they can also eat bigger fishes like small tunas.

The male can leave 45 years and up to 60 years for the female. For the short fin pilot whale, the adult female is about 5,5 m long and 7,5 m long for the adult male and may weigh up to 3300 kg.

Unfortunately, Pilot whales are in the middle of a big polemic, in fact, Faroe islands kill thousands of pilot whales every year due to an old tradition ...

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