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Pilot Whale Watching in Mauritius

Pilot whale families are year round residents in Mauritius.


The second largest of the Dolphin species, in Mauritius we encounter the short finned Pilot whale.

We find them in large groups mainly in the deep sea like the sperm whales. Family groups are led by the oldest female in the pod.

Pilot whales mostly eat deep sea squid, diving up to 700 meters for 12 - 16 minutes per dive.

Males can live up to 45 years and the females up to 60.

Pilot whales in Mauritius can grow up to 5,5 m long for the female and 7,5 m long for the male which can weigh up to 3300 kg.

Unfortunately, Pilot whales are still hunted in some parts of the World. But like all cetaceans, Pilot whales are protected in Mauritius.

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