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Join us for an amazing Whale and Dolphin watching tour in Mauritius

Sea Mammal Discovery

Observing Whales and Dolphins in their natural environment.

We offers ethical dolphin and whale watching trips, with early start, on the west coast of Mauritius.

Year round encounters with resident Sperm whales, Pilot whales, Spinner, Bottlenose and Spotted dolphins.

View Humpback whales during their winter migration from June to September.

We are lucky to have local sperm whales, they are present in Mauritius all year round ! 


Swimming with whales is completely prohibited in Mauritius.

Only special permits are granted, during scientific missions or film shooting.

This law has been taken to protect cetaceans. Not disturbing them is very important to us.

You can find this law in the Tourism authority regulations act for dolphin and whale watching, article 8.

Whale and Dolphin watching adventures for the whole family!

Directional Hydrophone to find Whales and Dolphins

Sperm Whale Watching Mauritius
High-performance Equipment to Observe Cetaceans

High-performance Equipment to
Observe Cetaceans

To help find the Whales and Dolphins, we use a device called a HYDROPHONE.

Stopping the boat in the deep sea, we drop the sensor in the water and listen carefully. Whales and Dolphins communicate with clicks, chirps and whistles that reveal their location. It means they are near. We just have to follow that direction and look on the surface.

We can also find Whales and Dolphins from afar when they rise to the surface to breathe and expel air through their blowhole. We use our sightings network with fellow captains of other boats to ensure the best success in observing the most Whales and Dolphins.

Join us to respectfully observe the beautiful Whales and Dolphins without disturbing them !


google0dbd5b1795c0edf9.html Professionalism

Our dedication is to providing a Quality and Respectful trip


Share your needs with us. We will get back to you quickly with accurate information.

Our Team

Captain Vic and his crew share their experience and knowledgev to make each trip special.

The Experience

Based on our experience, we have 90% of chances to find whales. In case of an unlucky day we will refund 20% of the total cost of the trip.

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I look forward to sharing with you my passion for the ocean wildlife - Captain Vic

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