Experience a very special day in Mauritius with our Golden Day.

Dolphin watching, Whale watching and Big Game Fishing in one excursion !

  • Start at 6am.
  • First thing is to find the Dolphins, which is pretty easy in Mauritius... 
  • After that, let's go offshore, trolling looking for the fish of a lifetime like Blue Marlin or big Yellowfin Tuna.
  • We will stop the boat at difference places to use our Hydrophone to localize Whales.
  • Whales are close, well, let's remove the fishing rods to watch these beautiful creatures slowly and with RESPECT.
  • When the whales disappear in the deep ocean, after showing us their beautiful tails, we start fishing again !
  • Smaller fish can be caught as well as small Tuna, Wahoo and Dorado, with light tackle it's a beautiful fight.
  • Back to the shore at 12am.

The prices are all included, snacks, soft drinks and Snorkeling equipment.

Golden Day :

  • only Golden wave III - 40,000Rs / 870€ / 930$

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