Whale Dream takes you on a whale-watching excursion off the Mauritian coast.

Whale Dream takes you on a whale-watching

excursion off the Mauritian coast.

Sea Mammal Discovery

Observation of marine mammals
in their natural environment.

Our company offers whale watching trips on the west coast of Mauritius.
Every year, Humpback whales, Sperm whales and Pilot whales come close to our coasts during their migration.

The best season for whale-watching is winter when the water temperature is colder.

In summer, depending on the period, you can also find Sperm whales. We follow these majestic ocean giants in their natural environment, without disturbing them nor getting too close.

If you are lucky, you may also spot Whale sharks and Killer whales which occasionally visit our shores.

Enjoy a sea expedition to watch sea mammals off the shores of Mauritius

Whale Watching Mauritius
Sea Mammal Discovery

High-performance Equipment to

Observe Cetaceans.

High-performance Equipment to
Observe Cetaceans

To find the whales, we use a device called a hydrophone. Stopping the boat in the deep sea, we drop the sensor in the water and listen carefully. If we can hear them, it means they are near. We just have to stay on the lookout not to miss them.

We can also see mammals from afar when they rise to the surface to breathe and expel air through their blowhole. Thanks to the VHF radio, we can communicate with other boats (fishing or pleasure boats) and get information about whether whales and other sea mammals are around.

Whale Dream has two boats available for whale watching: the GOLDEN WAVE 1, a 10 m Cabin cruiser boat, and the Golden Wave II, a 7.5 m speed boat.

Observe these majestic sea creatures aboard our boats

Sperm Whale Watching Mauritius
High-performance Equipment to Observe Cetaceans



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in their natural environment.

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