Sperm Whale Watching in Mauritius

The most common in Mauritius is the Sperm Whale, also called Cachalot.


They stay in deep sea, where they dive to feed.

Females and young males live together by groups, the mature males stay and migrate alone.

The mature male's average size is 15 meters, but some big specimens can be 20 meters long and weigh 50 tons !

This is the bigger toothed cetacean, just before the killer whale also called Orca.

The sperm whales can dive up to 2000 metres and stay up to 2 hours in apnea. These amazing mammals go this depth to find their best dish, the giant squids, who can weigh 500 kg .

They come in Mauritius to breed too, that's why we can find big males, females and babies together.

Unfortunately, hunted during many years for their oil, sperm whales are now protected by the international whaling commission.


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